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United States of America


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At Herbal Vitality, we are dedicated to providing practitioners with herbal products of highest quality and purity. Our extracts are prepared using sustainably wildcrafted and organically grown fresh plants. Our professional wildcrafters are committed to ethical harvesting techniques that safeguard wild plant populations. Expert botanists ensure exact identification of plant species. All plants are meticulously cleaned and prepared by removing any foreign plants, necrotic parts, old stems, dirt and such! Clear intention and lots of care in preparation gives a pristine, concentrated and vibrant herb to be extracted. Extraction is species-specific for ethanol concentration and duration. Dried plants are used when indicated, or when out of season or out of country. Our same careful identification and cleaning is applied to dried plant material. Our liquid extracts are made using sugar cane-derived organic ethanol USP. Our on-going study of historical herbal wisdom and current scientific research contributes to the development of all extraction protocols and formulations. Our formulas have been created with respect and gratitude for the evolving knowledge shared through naturopathic and herbal teachers, professional dialogue, and clinical experience. We remain dedicated to meeting the needs of practitioners by providing hard-to-find species and offer custom formulation services for the medical practitioner.We blend Art, Science, and Spirit to bring you un-matched customer service and effective products that you and your clients can trust.


I have been buying products from this company for many years. I even know people who have worked for them and attest to their quality, and also their "good vibes"- like no one is supposed to talk negatively while processing the herbs! I love their tinctures.


My daughter and I have been using this for over 2 years to treat lyme and it works, way better than taking antibiotics which ruin your gut flora! Simple to take, no swallowing pills, and has several things in it for fighting lyme.