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For 25 years, Professional Complementary Health Formulas (PCHF) has been helping naturopathic doctors improve the health of their patients. Our exclusive focus is providing the highest quality nutritional, homeopathic, and herbal/botanical products to practitioners. We offer more than 1,000 unique formulas and we go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the quality, consistency and effectiveness of every one of them. Exceptional products, unparalleled selection and personal customer service all designed exclusively for doctors.PCHFs extensive and unmatched line of quality products includes;HomeopathicsCombination HomeopathicsLiquescences Drainage Formula HomeopathicsAllersode Allergy/Desensitization HomeopathicsPhenolic HomeopathicsNosode HomeopathicsReflex Emotional Therapy HomeopathicsReflex Chakra Therapy HomeopathicsSarcode HomeopathicsSingle Sarcode HomeopathicsXenobiotic HomeopathicsLithotherapy/Gemstone Essence HomeopathicsMulti-Potency Singular HomeopathicsAmino Acid HomeopathicsCell Salt HomeopathicsMycotoxin HomeopathicsGenesis Seed Essence Therapy HomeopathicsVeterinary Formula HomeopathicsHerbsBotaniPure™ Encapsulated Single HerbsBotaniPure™ Encapsulated Complex Herbal FormulasBotaniPure™ Liquid ComplexesBotaniPure™ Liquid Single HerbsPure New Zealand GlandularsNew Zealand Glandular ComplexesPure & Complex Argentinean Adrenal Glandular FormulasNutritionalsVitaminsMinerals Oligo Elements Micronized Trace ElementsProteins & Amino AcidsNutritional Supplements


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