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Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. (Pegasus) is a Canadian-based biotech company that specializes in research & development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutically active health products. It is dedicated to be a world leader in providing highly quality health products.

With dedicated efforts of our world class scientists, Pegasus has successfully developed a line of natural products, CARESENG Series including BFG, SG, SG2, RH, Bioseng#1, etc. Medical research has determined that the principle pharmacological activities of Araliaceous plants are derived from their saponin content. Saponins has demonstrated improvements in general health and physical performance, and has been shown to significantly improve cardiovascular health, cerebrovascular health, and other neurological conditions, and are merited with anti-aging actions. A novel, globally-patented technology platform (Oral Bioavailability Enhancement Technology) developed by Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Group Inc. remarkably increases the bioavailability of Saponins in American Ginseng to 60~70%.