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Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc., established in 1984, is a fully insured, state and federally licensed, FDA registered, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) inspected pharmaceutical/nutraceutical (dietary supplements) manufacturer specializing in innovative high quality hypo-allergenic preventative health care products, shipped to physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies worldwide. Bio-Tech Pharmacal partners with over 60 prestigious institutions supplying products for use in clinical research. Bio-Tech has introduced many innovative products, including D3-50,000 IU available in a water soluble delivery form.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. complies with all applicable US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are designed to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Formulation Philosophy
♦ Utilization of pure, bio-available vitamin and mineral forms
♦ Avoidance of added colors and flavors.
♦ Minimal fillers. We use only pharmaceutical-grade cellulose and silica when needed.
♦ Encapsulation in Kosher and Halal-certified all-beef (non-pork) gelatin capsules or Kosher and Halal-certified
   cellulose-based vegetarian capsules.
♦ Use of two-piece encapsulation technology eliminates the need for the binders, lubricants, coatings, and
   disintegrants that are used in tablets.

Our products start with quality ingredients.
We work to build long term relationships with suppliers that consistently deliver high quality ingredients. With trustworthy suppliers as a foundation, we test ingredients for identity (correct ingredient), strength (quantity of active component), and contamination(limits on components such as heavy metals, pathogenic organisms, yeast and mold, pesticides, and solvents). We utilize scientifically valid methods and modern analytical technologies in testing. Only those ingredients that meet our strict quality requirements are used to manufacture finished products.


This is the company that sells the d-3 50,000 IU caps. They are so cheap, the capsules, that it's hard not to mark them up more than usual. I have patients keep a 12 count bottle at home in case they catch something and then high dose for a few days.